Saturday, 11 February 2012

american woman

This outfit literally came out of the bottom of my closet, the one piece is older and cheaper then the other with the exception of the bag, in fact the dress is a hand me down from my sister that she purchased from Mr Price....

 T-shirt - Jay Jays
Dress - Mr Price
Shoes - Mr Price
Cardigan - Meltz
Bag - French Connection

Thursday, 26 January 2012


so not the most blogworthy outfit but it's how i roll on the daily - skinny jeans or jeggings, roomy tee and most likely some shade of brown shoe.

Jeggings - Edgars
T-shirt - Witchery
Boots - Vintage Nine West
Sunglasses - Ray Bans
Cuff - Forever New

Sunday, 22 January 2012

in the eyes

i think this is my first blog post in which i'm not covering my eyes with sunglasses and it was completely accidental. i left my sunglasses in the car and only realized after I've decided to snap away - doesn't look half bad...

Denim Shirt - Mr Price
Lace Shorts - Forever New
Belt & Bag - Forever New
Shoes - Aldo

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

miss kitten

from my years living in london what stuck with me the most is one, sausages and two, mod culture - the fashion, music and movies and a love for lucozade... i acquired a few fred perrry items - bags, tennis shoes, an incredible fred perry x comme des garçon harrington amongst them. this mellow yellow top is a favourite and i've tucked it neatly into a pair of vintage high waisted guess denim shorts and loafers to complete the somewhat immaculate dandy look.

sweater - fred perry
shorts - vintage guess
bag - forever new
shoes - aldo
belt & sunglasses - mr price

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

places to go, people to see, sushi to eat

it's been too long since my last post. i'd like to say that i've been busy or even on holiday but neither. i have been at home, in bed watching horrific reality programming - day after day. i recently quit my full-time job hence the numb, mindless relaxation. i have been employed for ten years working my behind off, day after day, see i'm somewhat of a workaholic but i have been in dire need of some time off and now it has to all come to an end or i'll combust from lounging lazily in the sun all day.

you will however be please to know that i'm ready to attend to my blog yet again - i apologise for my absence.  i will start by filling you in with what i've been up to through instagram photos. instagram has been the one application that i haven't gotten bored of yet and every time i do something mildly entertaining i have the need to instagram it!

These four photos best describe my daily routine. my husband is an early riser and provides breakfast in bed. i try to watch one romantic comedy in bed every day - jealous i know....
more tragic than a meryl streep movie is that my reading repertoire consists of archie comics. i love archie comics however i used to take ulysses by james joyce on holiday with me to ensure that i never run out of reading material whilst stuck in the middle of nowhere -it's funny when you consider the volume of the book however it's true.

food i've been eating....

outfits i've been rocking

drinks i've been drinking

Monday, 21 November 2011

bits and bobs from my abode #2

i spent the entire weekend locked up in my apartment. i made no plans prior to ensure the perfect lazy weekend. i only left the apartment once on saturday night to watch breaking dawn...

a few months ago i had a similar lazy weekend and took a few photos of my favourite things in my apartment - you can see here. and herewith, part deuce.

some of my favourite records

peter 'fucking' frampton!

some of the husbands comic books

Friday, 18 November 2011

love, peace and hippie

i recently saw a photo on the satorialist website - it was blurry and it was incredibly beautiful to me.  this photo below in my opinion too is kinda awesome...

what i'm wearing:
jeans - edgars
t-shirt - gap
clogs - country road
belt - american vintage, LA
kimono top - forever new
sunglasses - yde